“So, what do you do Nupur?” He asked me, with a pleasant smile. “I am into waste management” I replied, as we shook hands. “Very interesting.” “It is indeed wonderful that people are so cautious these days, and make an effort for their well being”. I shook my head in affirmation. He sounds so positive!

I reached out for my bag to pull out my visiting card, while answering the several questions which followed- where are you based? Who are your clients? How big is your team…..?

“It was wonderful to meet you, let us explore the opportunity to work together” he said as he handed his visiting card to me. “I deal in imported gym machines”.

WHAT!!!OH MY!!!   The card read

Sri Ram Gym Machines

Dealers of Imported Brands only


“AiiYOOo “I exclaimed. “I do waste management, means KACHDA. Not waist management”, I said while pointing to my not so managed waist.

OHH – HOOOOO Haaha Ha.  We again shook hands and cordially exchanged good bye. “It was so nice to meet you sir”.  “Looking forward to meet you again” – “yes yes why not” he said and left quickly.

I drove back home with a smile, revising the whole episode.


You can locate Pro waste Concepts in Jakkur next to a gym! It is really nice! We are able to concentrate better with the music blaring next door.

I can see people coming to the gym from the large glass door of our office; I recognize some regular faces now, and admire their determination to get their waists in shape, while we are busy preparing the waste management training modules, guidelines and strategies with a sole vision of reduction of waste .


Thought For Today

 WASTE and WAIST is directly proportional to the consumption of junk, packaged, and processed food.